Sudden Hearing Loss

Sudden Onset Hearing Loss:

  • • Sudden onset hearing loss is typically based on audiometric criteria and time course.
  • • The loss typically occurs within minutes to a few days, can cover a variety of frequencies and is typically unilateral.
  • • Possible causes may include but are not limited to: viral infection or vascular compromise of the labyrinthine, intracochlear membrane ruptures or immune-mediated inner ear disease.
  • • The prognosis of some recovery is good pending timely medical treatment.
  • • Early diagnosis and treatment by a physician greatly improves the potential for improvement in hearing levels.

Hearing Protection:

  • • An estimated 33.7% of hearing loss is caused by excessive noise exposure.
  • • Hearing conservation and consistent use of hearing protection is essential in preventing hearing loss due to noise.
  • • A one time exposure to sound at or over 140dB may cause instant and irreversible hearing loss (e.g. gun shot, fire cracker, etc.).
  • • Extended exposure to other loud noises may permanent hearing loss including but not limited to loud music, farm equipment, chain saw, garage equipment, motorcycles, etc.
  • Hearing protection is the number one way to help prevent noise inducted hearing loss.
  • • Please speak with your hearing professional regarding universal and custom hearing protection products.
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