Audiology/Hearing Services

Audiology / Hearing Services: Southwestern Colorado ENT & Assoc. offers a range of diagnostic and rehabilitative services to adults and children, including:

  • • Comprehensive hearing evaluations.
  • • Occupational hearing screenings.
  • • Custom hearing protection and recreational earpieces for children, musicians, those exposed to excessive noise, kayakers, distant swimmers, etc.

Hearing Amplification

  • • Hearing aid services, including counseling and dispensing.
  • • Hearing aid donation bank accepts previously owned hearing aids to re-condition and provide to children / adults in need.
  • – Hearing aid donations are tax deductible

Cochlear implant services for those with bilateral severe – profound hearing loss.

  • • Aural rehabilitation / therapy for the hearing impaired.
  • • BAHA (bone anchored hearing aid) services for those with permanent conductive hearing loss or single sided deafness.

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