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Migraine Management

Southwestern Colorado Ear, Nose & Throat Associates is proud to welcome our newest provider, Morgan Manulik to the practice.

In addition to ENT services Morgan specializes in both sleep apnea treatment through Inspire and chronic migraine treatment via Botox.

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Cochlear Implants

Significant hearing loss considerably affects the ability to communicate with friends, family, coworkers and those in the community. For those who suffer from significant hearing loss and hearing aids are unable to effectively assist with hearing, a cochlear implant may be a valuable option.

A cochlear implant is an implantable device that takes the place of the damaged hearing organ and stimulates the auditory (hearing) nerve directly. It requires a surgical procedure to insert the internal cochlear implant component. Following surgery, an external processing unit must be worn on the ear to access sound. A cochlear implant does not restore hearing to normal; however, it provides clear access to all the sounds of speech. The process of learning to listen with the new input provided by a cochlear implant takes time, patience and extensive practice.

The Food and Drug Administration has created guidelines regarding the candidacy for cochlear implantation. An extensive medical evaluation, Ear Nose and Throat evaluation and audiological evaluation are necessary to determine candidacy. Candidacy must be determined in order to proceed with cochlear implantation and is required by insurance companies to ensure coverage. Please contact this office should you have any further questions.

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“How We Hear”

We are often asked how the human auditory or hearing system actually works.  I have placed a link to the ASHA website below.  This site contains a very nice article about the hearing system that may be interesting to many of you.

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